Thursday, March 15, 2018

The greatest worst storm in america

The wind howled menacingly like a wolf at the full moon. The ship …….  Was going over and over the dark and rough sea the sea men were howling with fright like a  wolf scared of a bear. The waves were like mountains and the waves were getting bigger and bigger by the minute. The  men were so scared they were going to jump of the boat but they didn’t jump because the boat tipped anyway then they all fell out. The boat was upside down than a flash of lightning came and a big boom of thunder it sounded like an elephant jumping on the ground with excitement. They all got hypothermia and they started to cough they were so cold. They looked like they had been in a freezer for days than they sadly passed away the ship sunk in the great big ocean like the titanic .The end

We were learning how to use metaphors and good describing words to make our writing  interesting for the reader.

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