Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Waking up for the day

Zzzzz As I woke up, I said to myself with a whisper “that was the best sleep of my life.”  Then suddenly I heard the alarm go off. Nana was yelling like there was a fire. Saying “deegan deegan”. It was getting louder and louder. I was still trying to go back to sleep.I was warm as a newborn puppy. I said to myself” I feel like a bug in a rug. The windows were covered and also shut. It was really dark like a storm trying to crash in.My blanket was all over me. My back was stiff my neck was sore it felt like I snapped it but I didn’t. I was still tired it felt like I stayed up all night. By Jamielee

We were learning to write a description of a moment in time

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